Avari Power Amps

Avari Legacy "RIBBON" Power Amp -Class A 50 watts per/ch- JFET-MosFet Discrete Circuitry

This Legacy "RIBBON" Power Amp -Class A 50 watts per/ch 86 Watts Class AB- JFET-MosFet Discrete Circuitry . This Ribbon Amplifier has similar sweet mid-range of 300B tube amp, yet with the sonics of JFET's This sets this Legacy Ribbon apart from the pack in a Solid state amplifier. This Amplifier was created by the designer specifically to resolve the detail Ribbon type speakers are capable of.

The Legacy Ribbon Amps take any type of loading you put on them and are stable into 1 ohm Loads with higher rated power supplies and have passed the test of time..

The Avari Class A JFET-MosFet proven designs are also available in 2 higher power configuation

75 Watt Class A/105 watt Class A-B per/ch and 100 Watt Class A/250 watt Class A-B per/ch MONO BLOCKS

The Legacy "Ribbon" runs in true Class A to 50 watts RMS and have appropriate designed heat sinking to maintain 55 degrees C at ambient room temperature, Unlike some other hi-end Class A Amplifiers that are slowly shorting their life span at your investment.